All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

CreateColumn Method


Add an attribute column to an idb file or other editable cursor-based dataset.


Visual Basic
Public Sub CreateColumn( _
   ByVal nDataset As Integer, _
   ByVal nColumn As Integer _


The idb file is referenced by its dataset number which can be determined from the overlay in which it is displayed.
The column to be added must be defined in the currently loaded schema and is referenced by its index number in the schema.
The column to be added must be for a user-defined property, e.g. address$, not an expression or an internal property (one that starts with an underscore). The name of the column will be the same as the _formula$ property of the referenced schema column but without the trailing $, #, & or @. An exception will be raised if a column with this name already exists.
It is necessary to call AComRegenView to update the schema display in the Maps Control Bar.


Available: D OD OM SISpy



sis.CreateColumn ( datasetNo, 0 )