Table and Schema Methods

The following methods allow the creation and editing of named Schema objects.

Previous versions of Cadcorp SIS Desktop used Named Tables to view data from a database table, with rows in the table being linked to graphical items by Item properties.

Cadcorp SIS Desktop now uses named Schema objects to control the display of data-oriented parts of the user interface, e.g. the Table Window

TIP: See SIS_OT_SCHEMA for further details.

CreateColumn Adds an attribute column to the schema of an idb file.
CreateColumnIndex Creates an index on an attribute column in an idb file.
DropColumn Deletes an attribute column from the schema of an idb file.
DropColumnIndex Deletes an index from an attribute column in an idb file.
GetOverlaySchema  Gets a copy of an overlay schema.
InsertSchemaColumn   Inserts a new column into the currently loaded schema.
IsColumnIndexed   Determines whether an attribute column in an idb file is indexed.
LoadSchema   Loads a named schema for editing.
RefreshOverlayJoinTable Refreshes the joined overlay and table view.
RemoveSchemaColumn   Removes an existing column from the currently loaded schema.
SetOverlayJoinTable Sets a join between an overlay and a table
SetOverlaySchema   Applies a copy of a schema to an overlay in the current SWD.
StoreSchema   Stores the currently open schema.
SwdNewWindowTable   Creates a new Table window onto an existing SWD.
TableNewWindow   Creates or activates a view onto a Named Table.