All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

DissolveItems Method


Merge items based on attribute values.


Visual Basic
Public Function DissolveItems( _
   ByVal list As String, _
   ByVal formula As String _
) As Integer


The named list storing items to be merged. On completion, the list will store the merged items.
The expression to use to control the merge


Every item in the named list will be merged. If any items in the named list do not contain the property/properties referenced in the expression DissolveItems will fail, i.e. merge none.

Available: GEO  OD SISpy



Assume "MyList" contains a set of area items with a property "Type$" which contains the values "A", "B", "C" and "D".

            sis.DissolveItems("Items", "Type$=""A""")
uses the expression Type$="A" which will create two items, one of all type A’s and one of all non-type A’s.
sis.DissolveItems("Items", "Type$")
uses the formula Type$ which will create four items, one of all type A’s, one of all type B’s, one of all type C’s and one of all type D’s.