GetBlobB Method


Gets a Blob string of the current open Item, within a Coordinate Reference System


Visual Basic
Public Function GetBlobB( _
   ByVal projection As String, _
   ByVal fmt As Integer, _
   ByVal precision As Integer _
) As Variant


The named Coordinate Reference System of the returned Blob data. This can be defined as:
  • OGC URNs (eg 'urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC:1.3:CRS84')
  • EPSG URNs (eg 'urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::27700')
  • EPSG code strings (eg 'EPSG:27700')
  • EPSG URLs (eg '' or '')
  • EPSG codes as a simple string (eg '27700')

If blank, this will default to the CRS of the current Item’s Dataset.

The format of the stored Item Blob.
SIS_BLOB_OGIS_WKB1 = OGC Well-Known-Binary format
SIS_BLOB_OGIS_WKT2 = OGC Well-Known-Text format
SIS_BLOB_OGIS_GML3 = OGC Geographic Markup Language
SIS_BLOB_ESRI_SHP4 = ESRI Shape (*.shp)
SIS_BLOB_SIS_BIN_ITEM5 = Binary item
SIS_BLOB_GEOJSON6 = Geographic Objects for JSON format

This parameter is ignored and will always return 64-bit precision.

Return Type

A Variant containing an array of bytes that describe the current open Item in the chosen format.


There is no limit on the length of Blob data arrays generated by SIS. There are however limits elsewhere: SIS datasets which read Blobs from data sources can use a fixed size communication buffer (use Cadcorp View Geometry Maximum Blob size properties to change the size of the communication buffer).

Available: GEO OD



sis.GetBlobB ( "*APrjNatGrid", 0, 0 )

Returns the Blob data of the current item within the National Grid coordinate reference system.