Scheduling SISpy scripts in Windows

Use SISpy to set up Cadcorp SIS Desktop tasks and enable them to run on a fixed schedule using Windows (Vista, 7, 8) built-in Task Scheduler tool.

Task Scheduler may be configured to run a Python script on a regular schedule or in response to a wide range of system events.

Example: Scheduled Map Reporting with SISpy

The example in the next few pages demonstrate how to build a re-usable script that will output your SIS maps to a PDF at a specified time and location.

Create a new python script file (.py) with a text editor of your choice and note down its location for later. This is the file used to run the SISpy script.

Using the programming help to define the script's workflow

Use the SIS Programming Help to put together the basic steps of the script. The steps of the example script will be:

1. Open a pre-configured SWD file.

2. Export it to a PDF file in a specified location.