Backup and AutoSave

SIS Desktop can automatically back up your work at set intervals.

Backup files are saved with this prefix: "Backup of ...." and placed in the same location as the SWD.

For example an SWD saved as "D:\Data\MyMap.swd" will have the backup file "D:\Data\Backup of MyMap.swd".

To turn off this option, select File > Options > Suppress Backups

Note: This setting does not affect the autosave function. If the Save AutoRecover information every tickbox is unchecked, then enabling/disabling Suppress backups option has no effect.

To edit the number of minutes (range:1 to 120) for both backup and autosave intervals, see File > Options > Miscellaneous

Save AutoRecover information option enables both autosave and backup operations (provided the Suppress backups tickbox is not checked) at the intervals specified in the minutes box.