Create New Data

For comprehensive and information-rich maps, you can include various data items like text, point, images etc.

However you need to first create a file to contain all these items. This file is called an Overlay.

Use Add Overlay (Home > Map)  and choose Create New File from the Overlay Types dialog.

This allows you to save a Cadcorp Base DataSet File (*.bds) or a Cadcorp Feature DataBase file (*.fdb) to a known location (either on your hard disk or onto the Network).

After creating the file, add it to a new SWD (use Add Overlay and select the File option).

You can also export a saved filed to any popular format. Use Export to file

Make Current

Once a file has been created, ensure you turn it Current so any data added goes into that file automatically.

To do this, right-click on the overlay name and select Make Current.

Local Menu

Right-click anywhere on the SIS Desktopinterface to open the Local Menu.

For example right-clicking an overlay in the Maps Control Bar shows you related options like applied filters, editable/hittables statuses and so on.

If you right-click on Themes of the same overlay, you will see local menu options like Add Theme, Paste Theme etc