In Zooms in by snapping or dragging.
Out Zooms out by snapping or dragging.
Zoom Selection Zooms to show all of the selected items.
Zoom Selected Item Zooms to show one of the selected items.
Box Zooms to the extents of a box in the aspect ratio of the current Map Window.
 Zoom Drag Dynamically zooms in and out of the window by dragging the mouse.
 Zoom Extents Zooms to show all the graphics in the current window.
 Zoom All Shows the theoretical limits of the current window.
 Zoom To Scale Zooms the current window to an approximate display scale.
 Zoom Raster Zooms so that the screen pixels match raster item pixels.
 Roamer Creates a dynamic zoomed view of the window.
 Zoom Grid Reference Zooms to Grid Reference (e.g. OS National Grid in Great Britain).
 Back (Alt+Left) Goes to the previous view.
 Forward (Alt+Right) Goes to the next view.
 Home (Alt+Home) Goes to the original view.
 Set Keyhole Overlay Sets the keyhole overlay.
 Keyhole (F11) Creates a dynamic keyhole view of the window.
 Rocket Automatically zooms out, then back in to the original view.
 Bungee Automatically zooms in, then back out to the original view.