A Polygon item is a distinct class of item with its own set of properties. Polygons have one or more closed 'loops'.

To create a Polygon:

  1. Select Create > Simple > Polygon.
  2. Begin drawing your polygon freehand in the map window.
  3. The Polygon options window is displayed automatically when you choose the Polygon option. Simply edit the options to instantaneously customise your polygon.

TIP: This dialog remains open allowing you to edit Polygon parameters even during usage.

TIP: Closed LineString items created with LineString and Freehand are not Polygon items. However any LineString item (closed or not) can be converted into a simple Polygon item using the Convert to Polygon local command.

Use this option to construct Polygon items for defining enclosed areas. The Polygon can be used with tracing, route-finding and orthogonal graphics.