ESRI ARC/INFO Binary Grid (*.hdr;*.adf)

The Arc/Info Binary Grid format is the internal working format of the Arc/Info Grid product. It is also usable and creatable within the spatial analyst component of ArcView.

It is a tiled (blocked) format with run length compression capable of holding raster data of up to 4 byte integers or 4 byte floating data.

This format should not be confused with the Arc/Info ASCII Grid format which is the interchange format for grids.

Files can be converted between binary and ASCII format with the GRIDASCII and ASCIIGRID commands in Arc/Info.

This format is also different than the flat binary raster output of the GRIDFLOAT command. The Arc/Info binary float, and ASCII formats are also accessible from within ArcView.

This format should also not be confused with ESRI BIL format. This is really a standard ESRI way of creating a header file (.HDR) describing the data layout a binary raster file containing raster data.


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