Dataset Formats

SIS Desktop 9 currently supports over eighty-five data formats and variations of formats.

SIS Desktop 9 can also link directly to any Oracle, ODBC, ADO or DAO database and several mainstream databases.

All these graphical file formats are read directly in their native formats with translation carried out on the fly. Any combination of file formats can be overlaid and read concurrently with multiple coordinate reference systems and then re-projected.

Only a few of the following dataset formats are built-in to SIS Desktop 9. The rest are Plug-in Datasets, provided by Cadcorp or Cadcorp VARs.

See View > Cadcorp SIS > About for all loaded Plug-in Datasets.

TIP: For the most recent listing of all supported plug-ins, see the Cadcorp website or call 01438 747996.