Ordnance Survey (GB) Land-Form DTM 1:1000, 1:50000 (*.ntf)

Ordnance Survey digital terrain model (DTM) dataset containing a grid of points at 10m (Profile) and 50m (Panorama) intervals with height values attached that have been created from height contour values.

Supplied in either in 20km x 20km tiles or 5km by 5km tiles, in either NTF or DXF format.  DXF data additionally contains footnotes such as source and history of the data.

This dataset is very good for 3D views. The DTM is adaptively triangulated as you move around in 3D, so you get extremely fast response even without specialised 3D acceleration hardware.

You can also drape vector maps, like OS (GB) Meridian 1:10000, onto the DTM in 3D.

NTF datasets ©GB Ordnance Survey.

TIP: See also: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk


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