Item Database (*.idb)

Cadcorp Item Database (*.idb) files are database files. All edits are immediate, therefore if you change data, but do not save the SWD, the changes are made in the idb file.

*.idb files have a schema of attribute columns. Adding a schema item in SIS Desktop 9 does not create a column in the *.idb file. To add a column in SIS you need to use Dataset > Properties:

Populating a property in SIS Desktop 9 which is not in the schema will result in that value being stored on the item as part of a Binary Large Objects (BLOBs). The data is accessible but is not in a ‘proper’ column of its own.

The RefreshDataset Method does not operate on an idb dataset

Creating an IDB

See Create new file for details of how to create a Cadcorp Item Database (*.idb) file.

Opening an IDB

To open an existing IDB file, select Add Overlay [Home-Map] to display the Overlay Types dialog and select File from the Files tab. In the File Browser dialog navigate to the required folder, choose Cadcorp Item Database (*.idb) from the Files of type drop down box, select the required file and click Finish.