MicroStation DGN (*.dgn)

DGN V8 is an updated specification of the original Intergraph DGN file format. It is used for CAD drawings and maps in Bentley MicroStation from 2000 onwards.

The format retains some styling information from the original system and when opened this is used by Cadcorp SIS Desktop.

Expected extension is *.DGN. This is a memory based dataset.

SIS Desktop 9 offers enhanced DGN support:

  • Greater reliability on handling features with holes
  • Better logic in building and maintaining groups within DGN files
  • Addition of ElementTypes and ElementIDs
  • Support options for splitting or merging Models into a single or multiple overlays
  • Improved handling of NULL and blank values


  • Cadcorp SIS Desktop
  • Cadcorp SIS Desktop Express
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Modeller
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Manager
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Viewer
  • Cadcorp GeognoSIS