ER Mapper Rasters (*.ers)

An ER Mapper Raster dataset is made up of two files: a header file, with an .ERS extension and a data file of the same basename with no extension. The GeoGateway library supports ER Mapper's Rasters for live linking, import and export.

The ER Mapper raster data file contains the data itself. The raster data is stored in a binary, Band-Interleaved-by-Line (BIL) format. The pixels' data type is defined in the accompanying header file. The data file name has no extension.

The ER Mapper dataset header file is an ASCII file describing the raster data in the data file. The dataset header file has the same base name as the data file it is describing, with the extension ".ers" added. For example, "Australia_DTM.ers" is a valid raster dataset header file name for the raster data file "Australia_DTM."

The entire header file holds information about the data source and is contained in the DatasetHeader block. There are two compulsory sub-blocks, the CoordinateSpace block (to define the coordinate space and location) and the RasterInfo block (to define the characteristics of the data in the accompanying data file). The RasterInfo block may contain a number of optional sub-blocks.


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