OS (GB) Meridian 2 (*.shp;*.dxf;*.ntf)

OS (GB) Meridian 2 is a mid-scale vector product, available from www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

OS OpenDataTM. OS (GB) Meridian 2 uses a number of layers of data, including motorways, A roads, B roads, railways, developed land-use areas, hydrology, woodland.

Note: OS (GB) Meridian 2 is also available in two other formats:

NTF format - NTF is a nationally agreed standard for the transfer of geographical data. Cadcorp SIS 7.1 will open Meridian 2 NTF files and convert non-topological NTF items to topological items.

DXF format - Meridian 2 DXF conforms to AutoCAD release 12. With Meridian 2 DXF each feature is free-standing with no topological relationship to any other feature and therefore does not support topology.

Scale of 1:50000.

NTF datasets ©GB Ordnance Survey.


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