Ordnance Survey MasterMap Address Layer (*.gml;*.gz)

GML is a file created in the Geographic Markup language- it is a point address dataset that can be read as either *.gml or zipped and compressed (*.gz files )

It can be in the British national grid or alternatively loaded into a database using the Address-Layer2 Manager. A default feature table is applied.

The Ordnance Survey MasterMap Address Layer provides precise coordinates for more than 26 million residential and commercial properties in Great Britain.

The Address Layer originates from the Royal Mail's postcode address file (PAF®).

Ordnance Survey uses on-the-ground GPS survey, aerial imagery and various other techniques to establish precise coordinates for each address and match this to the property on the map effectively joining up postal and topographic geography, creating a fixed link between the property and its address.

Note: See also: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk


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