Ordnance Survey MasterMap ITN Layer (*.gml;*.gz)

Ordnance Survey Integrated Transport (ITN) layer is a topological link and node dataset with road routing information.

The vision of the Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer of OS MasterMap is to provide a detailed overview of Great Britain’s transport infrastructure a single common multimodal dataset to meet business needs in every sector from navigation to asset management and from traffic analysis to accessibility studies.

Unique identifiers (TOID®) associated with each link and node provide a reference for traffic-flow analysis at crucial junctions and allow organisations to attach their own data.

Examples are points of interest, traffic incidents or average speeds. This makes the data flexible and intelligent.

A standard feature table is applied using feature codes. Can be read in as either compressed *.gz file, or uncompressed *.gml or alternatively loaded into a database using the MasterMap ITN Manager.

Note: See also: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk


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