CEOS SAR Image File (*.img)

This is a read-only reader for CEOS SAR image files. To use, select the main imagery file.

Each dataset has one data file and one or two metadata files (depending on the processing site).

These files contain variable length records of mixed ASCII and binary values. Each record contains a binary record descriptor in its first 12 bytes that gives information about the record, (including the record type and length.)

This driver works with most Radarsat and ERS data products, including single look complex products; however, it is unlikely to work for non-Radar CEOS products.

Imagery for analysing planetary geology:


  • Cadcorp SIS Desktop
  • Cadcorp SIS Desktop Express
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Modeller
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Manager
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Viewer
  • Cadcorp GeognoSIS