The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service (WFS) Implementation Specification allows a client to retrieve geospatial data encoded in Geography Markup Language (GML) from multiple Web Feature Services.

The specification defines interfaces for data access and manipulation operations on geographic features, using HTTP as the distributed computing platform. Via these interfaces, a Web user or service can combine, use and manage geodata -- the feature information behind a map image -- from different sources.

SIS Desktop 9 can act as a client, accessing any OGC compliant WFS service allowing querying and retrieval of encoded GML features. Cadcorp GeognoSIS and Cadcorp ISAPI can act as OGC compliant WFS services allowing any complaint client to access to the WFS service.

This is a memory-based dataset.

Arguments to CreateDataSourceOverlay API Method

  • clsDataSource$
    • WFSDataSource
  • params$
    • [GetFeaturesURI=uri,][DescribeFeatureTypeURI=uri,][PostData=httpdata,][OverlayName=name,][RequestMethod=post|get,][Validate=true|false]

      The URL of the OGC Web Feature Server GetFeatures request. The default value is "".

      The URL of the OGC Web Feature Server DescribeFeatureType request. The default value is "".

      If the RequestMethod is "post", then this is the HTTP POST data for the request.

      The overlay name to be used in SIS Desktop 9.

      Specifies which HTTP request method to use, either "post" or "get".

      Specifies whether or not to validate the downloaded GML.
See also: www.opengeospatial.org


  • Cadcorp SIS Desktop
  • Cadcorp SIS Desktop Express
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Modeller
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Manager
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Viewer
  • Cadcorp GeognoSIS