What is a Named Object Library?

A Named Object Library (NOL) is where Named Object Library Classes are stored.

SIS Desktop 9 can create three types of NOLs for you:

1. The (standard) NOL

The (standard) NOL contains the standard NOL classes (eg Pen, Brush, Print Template, etc). Some of the Classes come from Cadcorp SIS Desktop and some from Plug-in DLLs.

Classes in a standard NOL cannot be edited; to make any changes simply copy them into an editable library and edit them there.

To make your own NOL file part of the (standard) NOL , copy your file into C:\Program Files\Cadcorp SIS 9.0\Libraries.

2. The (temporary) NOL

The (temporary) NOL is editable. Any Named Object Library Classes stored here will be automatically discarded at the end of your work session.

3. Custom NOL

You can also create your own NOL files. Select New Library... in the Libraries Control Bar :

The New Library dialog will be displayed:

Browse to a folder of your choice and enter a file name for the new NOL.

To ensure new Named Object Library Classes are stored in this NOL make it the default NOL by highlighting it and selecting the right mouse button local command Make Current.

The new NOL will be made current and displayed in bold: