Named Object Library Classes

When Cadcorp SIS Desktop draws items it uses Named Object Library Classes such as Pen, Brush, Filter, Symbol, etc.

By using Named Object Library Classes an item does not need to remember a definition for its Pen for example. Instead each item just remembers a Penname. This saves a lot of memory especially when thousands of items all use the same pen.

The name can be from 1 to 255 characters and can include any character except backslash, tab and escape.

TIP: To distinguish the name from property names avoid these characters: "_ # & %".

The name can contain facets separated by a dot character. This lets Cadcorp SIS Desktop present many Named Object Library Classes in a tree structure.

Note: NOL Classes names are NOT case-sensitive.

To hide the object from the User Interface ensure the first character of its name is an asterisk (*).

The Toggle '*' Objects command also lets you show or hide * objects from the Libraries Control Bar tree.

In addition to styling information, Named Object Library Classes can also be other useful objects, e.g. Coordinate Reference System, Geodetic Datum, Filter, etc.

Here is the full list (class names are shown in brackets):