Creating new Feature Tables

You can create a new feature table and define all properties of each feature code.

First ensure the library where the new feature table is stored is the current library.

Creating a new empty Feature Table

  1. In the Libraries Control Bar select the library which will contain the feature table.
  2. Right-click to open the local menu and select New Object from the menu.

  3. Now select Feature Table from the drop-down list and click OK.

  4. A new empty Feature Table will be created:
  5. Display the local menu for the new feature table and choose Properties

  6. The Features dialog will be displayed.

  7. Click New to create new feature codes and define their properties.
  8. Use the local menu to rename the Feature Table in the Libraries Control Bar.

Creating a Feature Table based on an existing Feature Table

To base your new feature table on an existing one, select the source feature table in the Libraries Control Bar and copy and paste to the destination library. Once there you can rename this editable copy, and:

  • amend the existing feature codes
  • delete the existing feature codes
  • create new feature codes using the New button