What is a Feature Table?

A feature table contains code-numbers that have specific features (properties, styles, scale thresholds and so on) associated with them. Related Topics Link IconRelated Topics

These tables can be applied to data that also contain these code-numbers.

Note: When selected, an item’s properties will show the feature table is being used and related feature code.

In the UK, Ordnance Survey data is an example of the use of feature tables and codes. All features with the same feature code use the same Pen, Brush, Symbol, etc.

Data types that use feature tables and codes:

  • OS Boundary-Line

  • OS Boundary-Line 2000

  • OS Land-Form

  • OS Land-Line

  • OS Meridian


  • OS Strategi

  • OS MasterMap

  • OSI

  • OSNI (Large Scale and Miscellaneous)

  • S-57, SDTS

  • TIGER/Line

  • USGS DLG (Large and Small Scale).