Use File to load any of your datasets (eg Shape, MID/MIF, DGW, ECW, EML, AutoCAD DXF, BDS, etc.) as overlays; these files then remain stored on your disk.

Click Add Overlay > Files > File.

The SIS Workspace Definition (SWD) stores a link to the dataset. If the dataset is modified, all SWDs with links will reflect the changes.

External datasets are loaded as non-editable overlays (if you want to edit these files use the Imported File option to load copies of them instead). However BDS files (which contain user data) are loaded as editable overlays.

Select the required dataset file and click Finish.

The Configure button is activated if you choose any configurable datasets. Configuration data is stored in the SWD.

TIP: Use the file type drop-down box to restrict what could potentially be a long list of files to only those of the required type.

Configurable dataset types include :

  • ESRI ARC/INFO ASCII Grid (*.asc)
  • ENVISAT Image Product (*.n1)
  • JPEG (*.jpg, ; *.jpeg)
  • PCI .aux Labelled (*.aux)
  • AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)
  • OGC GML (*.gml)

In this example a satellite image is selected (SS32NW.tif),

Click Configure.

The Band Configuration/Colour Model dialog will be displayed. The two tabs available on this dialog are Configuration and Properties.

Configuration tab: