Miscellaneous Saved Theme type

Saving a Theme

To save a theme use the local menu Save command in the Maps Control Bar.

The Save Theme As dialog is displayed.

Enter a folder name, new or existing, in the Folder textbox together with a Name for your theme. The theme is then saved as a named theme in the current library. This may be the (temporary) library.

Once saved, the theme properties can be edited and applied to other overlays using the Add Theme [Home-Map] command.

Recalling a saved Theme

To recall a saved theme, select Add Theme [Home-Map] to display the Theme Types dialog:

Go to the Miscellaneous tab and double click Saved Theme or click Next.

The Saved Themes dialog will be displayed:

In the left-hand pane of the Saved Themes dialog go to the folder containing the required theme.

Select the theme and click Finish to apply the theme to the dataset.