Cadcorp SIS API Methods

Scan Method


Scans all overlays of the current SWD for items, storing any found in a Named List.

The method enumerates Items contained in an SWD, testing each of them against the specified status, Filter and Spatial Filter.


Visual Basic
Public Function Scan( _
   ByVal list As String, _
   ByVal stat As String, _
   ByVal filter As String, _
   ByVal locus As String _
) As Long


The Named List in which to store any Items found.
The status of Items to be included in the scan.
"I"   All Items.
"V"   Visible, Hittable and Editable Items.
"H"   Hittable and Editable Items.
"E"   Editable Items only.
Optionally specifies a named Filter which items must pass to be included in the scan.
Optionally specifies a named Spatial Filter which items must pass to be included in the scan. Use an empty string to omit the Spatial Filter.

Return Type

The number of Items found, i.e. the number of Items placed in the Named List.


Available: GEO MM ME MD OD OM OV SISpy



NItems = sis.Scan ("ItemsFound", "H", "Conservation", "Talbot")

Finds all the items in hittable overlays that pass the filter Conservation within the Spatial Filter Talbot and place them in the named list ItemsFound.

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