Group Methods

A Group is a collection of items which can only be manipulated as a whole by the user.

Users can explode a Group to access its component items, but it cannot be re-assembled.

Typically a GisLink customisation or ActiveX Control application would use Group items to prevent the user from directly editing a collection of items.

An example of a good use of Group items would be parameterised shapes: the customisation or application could store the parameters of the shape as attributes of the Group and then provide the user with a dialog to edit those attributes.

After the user has used this dialog to modify the parameters, the customisation or application could regenerate the geometry of the Group, confident that no intermediate geometrical edits could have been done directly by the user.

Creates an empty Group item, using a previously registered group class.
Creates a Group item from the items in a named list.
Empties the current open Group item.
Places the current open Group item, leaving it open.
Registers a sub-class of a Group, that the user cannot directly modify.