All Cadcorp SIS API Methods

CreateBoolean Method


Creates a new Item by combining existing Items.

This method can combine most types of Item. The type of Item created is dependent on the type(s) of the Items being combined.

If a Group is open, then graphics are added to the Group, otherwise a new Item is created.


Visual Basic
Public Function CreateBoolean( _
   ByVal list As String, _
   ByVal boolop As Integer _
) As Integer


The Named List containing the Items to be combined.
SIS_BOOLEAN_AND Get the overlap region between the Items in list$. See the Analysis> Boolean > Intersect command.
SIS_BOOLEAN_OR Merge the Items in list$ into a single item. See Analysis > Boolean > Union command.
SIS_BOOLEAN_XOR Form the region made up of alternate overlapping sub-region of the Items in list$. See the Analysis > Boolean > Symmetric Difference command.
SIS_BOOLEAN_DIFF Take bytes out of the dominant item in list$ using the other Items in list$. See the Analysis > Boolean > Subtract command.
Note: The dominant item, if any, will be the first in the list of IDs returned by GetListDetails.


Available: GEO  OD SISpy



sis.CreateBoolean ("Overlap Areas", SIS_BOOLEAN_AND)

creates a new item which is the result of the overlapping items in the list block from the list Overlap Areas.