Symbols are objects (usually graphics) used to define the appearance of Point items.

  • A Symbol can use any combination of LineString items, Polygon items, box text and bitmaps (but not point text and topological structures. Although you can use these items, they will not be displayed).
  • The levels of the items used to define a Symbol are remembered in the Symbol definition. This means you can reliably define their drawing order. It is also very useful when the Symbol contains opaque Polygon and/or Bitmap items. 
  • If items inside the Symbol have the special "By Overlay" Pen or Brush style the Symbol will substitute the Point item's Pen or Brush. (Remember the Symbol will be assigned to Point items later). This means you should consider the Pen and Brush settings of the items making up the Symbol and decide whether you want the Symbol to change its colour later on or not.
  • After a Symbol has been defined it may be assigned to any editable Point item using Properties (Home > Selection). Hittable or visible points may be displayed as a Symbol by setting a Symbol override on the overlay using Overlays [Home-Map].
  • Bitmap items can be part of Symbol objects but we recommend using small Bitmap items to save memory and speed up drawing.