Extrude 2D items in 3D views Theme - Properties

The Extrude 2D items in 3D views Theme extrudes 2D graphical items, such as LineStrings and Polygons, to a height calculated from an expression which is evaluated for each themed item. The extruded items can only be seen in a 3D Window.

The items will only be extruded in a 3D Window. Use 3D [View-Document Views] to make a 3D Window from a Map Window.

The colours of the extruded graphics is determined by the Pen and Brush of the original items. The Individual Values Theme can be used to get different styles.

Note: The evaluated result of the expression will be interpreted as a height in metres.

Click here for Extrude 2D items in 3D views Theme description.

Theme Component Properties

Theme Component Properties

  • Class: _classTheme$
    The class of the Theme.

  • Disabled: _bDisabled&
    Should Theme graphics be disabled?

  • Expression: _formula$
    The expression used to calculate a Theme value.

  • Filter: _filter$
    Optional filter name, used to control which items are displayed in the map window.

  • Title: _title$
    The Theme title.