Extrude extrudes or presses out Polygon and LineString items to form Surface items.

  1. Select Select Create > 3D > Extrude.
  2. Enter the height to extrude using the current linear units (set in CRS)
  3. For even more precision, use the button.
  4. This displays the Pick Property dialog or the Expression Builder.
  5. Now select a Built-in Property or Attribute (if already defined) or enter an expression.
  6. All selected items are extruded by the same amount.

After extrusion, you can edit heights by modifying the Size in Z property.

If the required heights are available as non-graphical attributes, use Fill Column in a Table Window to set each item's extrusion height using an expression based on the attribute data.

TIP: If you have MultiPolygon or MultiLineString items to extrude, remember these items must be decomposed. Alternatively consider using the Extrude 2D items in 3D views theme.